Welcome to GlowFit!

I’m Loneldia – owner at GlowFit, certified personal trainer, wife and mommy of two.   
Although I participated in athletics in my teens and maintained some form of activity after school, my official fitness journey started after having my first baby.  I’ve always been the skinny ‘eat whatever you want and not pick up a kilogram’ type and it wasn’t until having kids that I realised the importance of a healthy active lifestyle.  Not just for physical appearance, but for holistic health.  I started focusing on fitness and balanced nutrition in order to work on my body following birth.  Little did I know it would be the beginning of an amazing journey…

I worked on getting my International Personal Training Diploma while on maternity leave with our two cuties and established GlowFit.  A private fitness studio, specialising in personal training and small group training.  My approach to training and nutrition at GlowFit is exactly how I eat and train myself.  Combining weights, cardio and high intensity training using a functional training approach.  You against you!

Fitness and nutrition is my passion, and seeing changes happen within someone on their own fitness journey is so incredibly rewarding.  Fitness will help you become more confident, more optimistic, healthier and stronger in all aspects of your life.

Working with all fitness levels is what I’m about.  Let me help you transform yourself, no matter your skill set, goals or fitness level.  Whether you’re an absolute beginner or whether fitness comes naturally to you, fitness is a continuous adventure in becoming the best version of yourself, and I am happy to be there every step of the way!

Let’s do this!