Workout 1 - Video 2 - Upper Body

Full body workout – advanced


Back with a bit more advanced workout from @nadakostovalova 😉 Full body!

A1. TRX single leg mountain climber + push up on Bosu (skip the push ups if you’re not up for the challenge) – 2 sets with each leg x 10-12 reps
A2. Single leg deadlift + press (using an exercise ball) – 2 sets with each leg x 12 reps

B1. TRX oblique pull ins + pike (with or without Bosu) -maximum reps you can manage x 3 sets
B2. Front squat + squat pulses (using a sandbag) – one squat + one pulse squat x 10 reps 3 sets

C1. TRX split squat + front raise – 3 sets each leg x 10-12 reps
C2. Metabolic get ups + squat jump – 3 sets x 12 reps

Enjoy! 😊

Workout 1 - Video 2 - Upper Body

Full body partner workout


Partner workout by my mentor and friend Nad’a Koštovalová –
So much more motivating to train with a buddy!

  1. Push up med ball roll
  2. Side plank with row
  3. Split squat with lateral raise
  4. Shoulder press or upright row
  5. Lunge jumps
  6. Rear lateral raises

40sec work / 20sec rest
3 rounds

Give it a go! 🙂

Workout 1 - Video 2 - Upper Body

Full body workout


Dumbbell full body workout – you will need a pair of light or medium weight dumbbells 🙂  Give it a try and let me know how it went.

  1. Plank jump ins x 12-15
    Keep a strong core jumping out into a solid plank not dropping or lifting your hips.
  2. Donkey kicks with dumbbell L & R x 12-15
    Keep a neutral spine, not arching your lower back.
  3. Renegade row x 12-20 (6-10 per side)
    Keep a strong core, ensuring minimal movement (twisting) of the hips.
  4. Weighted surrenders x 12-20 (6-10 per side)
    Stay low when you get up keeping that tension in the quads.
  5. Chest fly x 12-15
    Keep a slight bend in your arms.   Engage your abs to ensure that your lower back is flat against the floor (not arching).
  6. Wide squat & press x 12-15
    Wider stance with your toes pointing out.  Ensure your knees follow your toes when you squat.

Enjoy! 🙂