Circuit Training

What is circuit training?

Circuit training is a form of interval training, working on a timed basis.  For this reason circuit training is suitable for all levels of fitness, as with HIIT, you complete each exercise at your own pace in a set period of time.  The group setting also brings a fun factor to the session, keeping motivation at a high during training.

A typical circuit will have 8-10 exercise stations.  After completing one exercise, you move quickly to the next within a minimum rest period.  After completing all the exercises, there is a longer rest period before we kick off round two.  The circuit is typically repeated three times through.
Exercises focus on muscle endurance, strength and cardio.  Alternating muscle groups and exercises make it possible to move through the exercises with minimum rest, while keeping a high intensity.

Circuit training is flexible and creative making it interesting, while increasing cardiovascular and muscular fitness.  The added bonus – it will help you burn a decent amount of calories, while discovering new exercises each week.