10 week postnatal transformation – needless to say, we got that pre-baby body back!!
This lady worked incredibly hard and stuck to her plan as best she could.  I cannot be more proud! We focused on nutrition, eating at maintenance calories.
Exercise 4-5 days a week, combining strength training, HIIT, wall climbing and yoga.
Centimeters lost, kg’s lost, but more importantly she is now excited about eating healthy and getting exercise in.
Furthermore we managed to close her diastasis recti (abdominal separation) from more than a two finger width to less than one finger at the moment.  Winning all the way!

Client progress – This lady has battled a cold and a bicycle injury preventing her from using her arm and she still made awesome progress in just a few weeks of training.  Healthier eating habits with exercise wherever she could = results!

Chest 6cm down
Waist 8cm down
Hips 6cm down
Thighs 4cm down
And not done yet! 🙂